Supplying Crew to Principals from all over the World.

As a Manning Agency, we help our Principals hire COMPETENT and SKILFUL crew for their vessels, while at the same time we provide to our Seafarers with a company they can call “Home”. Our retention rate of 92% proves that we must be doing something right.

Size Matters!

…and we have exactly the right size! We are BIG enough to be able to support all your needs, but SMALL enough to be EXTREMELY flexible and responsive. No more waiting for days or even weeks for a reply! No more waiting and waiting for crew suggestions!

How can we help?

The future’s bright and we’re excited about it. We could be exactly the manning agency you’re looking for. Ask us what more we could do for you.


Nasa Mabuti Kang Kamay *

* That’s Filipino for “You Are In Good Hands”.


Our roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a Company. It defines our existence. It serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and our decisions.

To create value and make a difference. We distinguish ourselves in what we deliver or how we deliver it. We want to have a real understanding of your needs and wants, rather than the same canned response every customer gets. We go beyond Generally Accepted Practices. We concentrate on the long term.

To provide to our Principals with fast, reliable, honest and effective manning and crew management and manning services. We made things easy! We created the business WE would want to work with.

To provide to our seafarers with a second home, where their best interests and those of their families will always be looked after. They will have guaranteed employment and they will be treated with a well-deserved respect.

We aim to establish a successful partnership with our Principals, our Staff members and our Seafarers based on the mutual respect of each party’s interests and goals. Success will be measured by more Principals and Seafarers choosing us as their manning agency, because they will believe that we can meet and exceed their expectations.



To recruit successfully, we believe that the existence of mutual trust with our Principals and our Seafarers is essential.

To earn this trust, we deeply believe and practice respecting our commitments and applying true transparency in the exchange of information.

We are a reliable crewing partner, attentive equally to both Principals and Seafarers.


We aim to do everything within our powers and beyond, to best support our Principals and our Seafarers, during every step of the recruitment process.

We are passionate about what we do and we fully commit ourselves to each recruitment project. We are committed to going the extra mile and making a difference!

We believe that this is the way to build strong, long and fruitful relationships!


Our goal is to ensure that our Principals and our Seafarers are satisfied and that everyone’s expectations are met, if not exceeded: the right person, in every position!

In order to achieve this, we rely on our efficient recruitment process combined with hard work to ensure that we are continuously hiring the best Seafarers.

The achievement of even greater performance is a priority and a daily challenge for us!



Establishment of ADMIMAN MANNING INC. in Manila, Philippines, in agreement with existing national and international laws and standards. ADMIMAN MANNING INC. was the manning agency of a Cyprus based ship managing company, responsible for the recruitment and deployment of sea-based personnel.

Since that time, ADMIMAN MANNING INC. has been consistently deploying personnel that met the customer’s requirements and contributed to the cost-effectiveness of ship operation.


In 2012 ADMIMAN MANNING INC. joined forces with AVATAR MARITIME CO. LTD, a Company consisting of people with long experience in Crewing and Personnel Handling. The newly formed Manning Agency Scheme continues the successful operation of ADMIMAN MANNING INC. at the same time the level of service rose higher than that of the competition by using modern technology, new ideas, and new services


Celeste Sagoso

President/General Manager

Capt. M. Volikakis


Despina Volikaki


Stam. Volikakis


C/E Merlino Geroche


Ryan Geroche

Crewing Officer

Jane Madrinian

Recruitment Assistant

Rose Pagilagan

Liaison Officer

Eluisa Batoy

Accounting Officer

Dona Ambrocio

Documentation Officer

Beverly C. Velasco

Accounting Assistant

Julie Cepra

Documentation Assistant