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GBR 10/2019
Guidelines on Warlikes and High Risk Designations

Determines war risk trading areas and ports, and those under warlike operations or high-risk operations, and the amount of premium pay to which seafarers shall be entitled to when sailing into those areas and ports …

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GBR 5/2016
Adoption of “basic wage” based on MLC 2006 guidelines in the computation of applicable benefits for seafarers whose vessels are transiting through areas with war like and highrisk destinations and the IBF List of Warlike and High Risk Designations (see Addendum 2 of IBF List)Download PDF
22 FEB 2016
IBF LIST of warlike and high risk designations, with main applicable benefitsDownload PDF
GBR 26/2014
Adopting guidelines on the limits of the high risk areas and the benefits due to seafarers.Download PDF
MC 09/2012
Clarification on the Implementation of the Double Wage and Compensation Benefits for Seafarers Transiting High Risk AreasDownload PDF
GBR 12/2012
Computation of double wage and compensation benefits for seafarers traversing established high risk zone areas, covers overtime and leave pay.Download PDF


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International Chamber Of Shipping
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers

This Guidance has been produced by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) to help shipping companies and seafarers follow health advice provided by United Nations agencies and others in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), under the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR). …

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Department of Transportation
02 June 2021
Amended Guidelines On Travel Restrictions

As per OSS the Amended Guidelines mean that only those Filipino seafarers coming from the flagged countries that are covered by the government repatriation program shall not be prohibited from entering the Philippines but shall be required to undergo an absolute facility-based 14-day quarantine period, notwithstanding a negative RT-PCR result. …

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